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Who Will Be The First

Hitting Firsts

  Stat The First Date
1st At-bat Josh Simms (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st Hit Josh Simms (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st Multi-hit game Josh Simms, Cole Harrison, Rich Graef, Brian Maynard 6/9/2011
1st 3-hit game Robbie Zinsmeister (Martha's Vineyard), Jon Minucci (Nashua) 6/10/2011
1st 4-hit game Jon Minucci (Nashua) 6/10/2011
1st 5-hit game Rob McCunney (Brockton) 6/27/2012
1st Pinch hit Dani Vincente (Seacoast) 6/9/2011
1st Double and ground rule double Josh Simms (Torrington)  6/9/2011
1st Triple Anthony Boix (Martha's Vineyard) 6/10/2011
1st Homerun Matt Jacobs (Nashua) 6/10/2011
1st Multi-homer game Jeramy Matos (Martha's Vineyard) 7/18/2011
1st 3-homer game Jeramy Matos (Martha's Vineyard) 7/28/2011
1st 4-homer game Ryan Coppinger (Seacoast) 7/19/2013
1st Grand slam Aarron Nardone (Torrington) 6/26/2011
1st Cycle Rob McCunney (Brockton) 6/27/2012
1st Run scored Aarron Nardone (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st 2-run scored game Robbie Zinsmeister, Jack Colton (MV), Rob Benedict, Matt Jacobs, Kyle Neverman (NAS) 6/10/2011
1st 3-run scored game Eric Jensen (Martha's Vineyard) 6/12/2011
1st 4-run scored game Rob Benedict (Nashua) 6/21/2011
1st 5-run scored game Rob McCunney (Brockton) 6/27/2012
1st RBI Kyle Murphy (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st 2 RBI game Anthony Boix (Martha's Vineyard), Logan Gillis, Jon Minucci (Nashua) 6/10/2011
1st 3 RBI game Anthony Boix (Martha's Vineyard), Jon Minucci (Nashua) 6/10/2011
1st 4 RBI game Robbie Zinsmeister (Martha's Vineyard)  6/19/2011
1st 5 RBI game Robbie Zinsmeister (Martha's Vineyard)  6/19/2011
1st 6 RBI game Rob McCunney (Brockton) 6/17/2012
1st 7 RBI game Ryan Coppinger (Seacoast, 11 RBI's) 7/19/2013
1st stolen base Jerico Weitzel (Seacoast) 6/9/2011
1st 2-stolen base game Rich Graef (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st 3-stolen base game Logan Gillis (Nashua) 6/13/2011
1st 4-stolen base game Maxx Sheehan (North Shore) 6/13/2015
1st Double steal Matt Jacobs and Logan Gillis (Nashua) 6/12/2011
1st Sacrifice fly Kyle Murphy (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st Base on balls Davidson Peguero (Seacoast) 6/9/2011
1st 2-walk game Andrew Spleth, Ryan Plourde, Thomas Richards (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st 3-walk game Ryan Plourde (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st 4-walk game Aarron Nardone (Torrington) 7/11/2011
1st 5-walk game Dom Hughes (Pittsfield) 7/24/2019
1st Hit by pitch Jacob Hunter (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st Strikeout Tommy Chase (Seacoast) 6/9/2011
1st Foul ball Jacob Hunter (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st 10-homer season Jeramy Matos (hit 13 HR) 2011
1st 40-RBI season Eric Hamilton (Pittsfield, 63 RBI's) 2016
1st 60 hit season Logan Gillis 2011
1st 70 hit season Kevin Bonicki (Wachusett, 75 hits) 2016
1st 20 stolen base season Robbie Zinsmeister 2011
1st 30 stolen base season Aaron Wilson (Old Orchard Beach, 39) 2014
1st .350 season Logan Gillis 2011
1st .400 season Micky Gasper (Nashua, .421) 2016
1st .450 OBP season Logan Gillis 2011
1st .500 OBP season Micky Gasper (Nashua, .532) 2016
1st .600 SLG season Jeramy Matos 2011
1st .700 SLG season Ryan Gendron (Seacoast, .758) 2015
1st 1.000 OPS season Jeramy Matos (1.040) and James Katsiroubas (1.001) 2011
1st 1.100 OPS season Micky Gasper (Nashua, 1.256) 2016
1st Player drafted Ruben Sosa (Astros 23rd '11) 6/8/2011
1st Player to reach MLB Tyler Bashlor (Torrington) (New York Mets) 6/25/2018


Pitching Firsts

1st Pitch  Wayne Richardson (Seacoast) 6/9/2011
1st 1-2-3 Inning Nick Dignacco (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st Strikeout Gavin McCullough (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st Strikeout of the side Nick Dignacco (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st 10 strikeout game Eric Perrault (Nashua) 6/28/2011
1st 15 strikeout game Cole Chudoba (Worcester) 7/24/2020
1st Base on balls Gavin McCullough (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st Hit batsmen Wayne Richardson (Seacoast) 6/9/2011
1st Hitless outing by a starter Jay Swinford for 6 innings (Martha’s Vineyard) 6/11/2011
1st Complete game Geoff Fisher (Nashua) 6/29/2011
1st Shutout Conner McMahon (Torrington) 6/30/2011
1st No-hitter Conner McMahon (Torrington) 6/30/2011
1st Perfect game Who will be the first!?!  
1st Reliever Nick Douglass (Seacoast) 6/9/2011
1st Save Kyle Capaldo (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st Win Gavin McCullough (Torrington) 6/9/2011
1st Loss Wayne Richardson (Seacoast) 6/9/2011
1st Wild Pitch Wayne Richardson (Seacoast) 6/9/2011
1st Pick off Demitrios Gatzogiannis (Seacoast) 6/9/2011
1st 50 strikeout season Donald Hissa (Seacoast) 2011
1st 60 strikeout season Donald Hissa (Seacoast) 2011
1st 70 strikeout season Austin French (Seacoast, 72) 2015
1st Sub 1.50 ERA season Gavin McCullough (Torrington) 2011
1st Sub 1.00 ERA season Tyler Dierke (Torrington, 0.61) 2012
1st Error Casey Cotter (Seacoast) 6/9/2011
1st Double play Robbie Zinsmeister to Anthony Boix (MV) 6/10/2011
1st Triple play Who will be the first!?!  
1st Runner caught stealing by Anthony Corona (Martha's Vineyard) 6/10/2011