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Futures League Playoffs

The 2019 Futures League Playoffs

The regular season runs from Wednesday, May 29th through Sunday, August 4th and will be immediately followed by the Futures League Playoffs.

The playoffs will feature six teams in three-round format. The first and second place teams will each have a bye in the first round. The next four seeded teams with the best overall record will play the winner-take-all play-in games. The play-in games will feature #3 seed vs. the #6 seed and the #4 seed vs. the #5 seed. Teams will be seeded 1 through 6 based on overall records.

Round 2 will feature a 3-game series between the league's #1 seed and the lowest remaining seed from the first round, while the league's #2 seed plays the against the highest remaining seed from the first round. The Futures League Championship will be determined by a final 3-game series between the two winners of the semi-final round.