The Futures League

Prospective Players

Eligible Players 

Players eligible for the FCBL are NCAA and or NAIA athletes who have eligibility remaining in accordance with NCAA regulations. It is not permissible for non-NCAA/NAIA students (i.e., former college players), nor players who are under current professional contract in the sport of baseball, to participate in the FCBL. 

In order to participate in the FCBL, a student-athlete must receive written permission from his university. 

Player Sources

Each team’s manager and coaches will recruit talented, eligible college players to make up their respective team roster. Please note, the league DOES NOT recruit; that is the job of the individual franchises. If you wish to play in the FCBL, please contact the teams themselves.


The Futures Collegiate Baseball League hosts an annual tryout each May. The date is publicized by mid-April.

Player Employment

Each team will do its best to make employment available to its players. Each team may accomplish this by coordinating their efforts with the local chamber of commerce, other business, and community groups to find local businesses that will offer summer employment to their team’s players. 

Player Housing

Each team’s General Manager will work to find each player on their team a host family to provide them a safe, comfortable family environment.

Email A Coach

If you are an eligible college player and wish to play in the FCBL, please scroll over the "Teams" tab on this website and click on the individual franchise that you are interested in playing for.

Each franchise's own websites list contact information for coaches and GMs. Please e-mail the coach of the team you are interested in.