The Futures Collegiate

Baseball League

Homerun Derby Wins It

2019 Futures League Extra Innings Format- "Homerun Derby Wins It"

If a game is tied after the 10th inning the game will go to a homerun derby (shootout). The team that wins the Homerun Derby will win the game.
Field Manager from each team will choose up to 3 players from their active roster to participate in the first round of the derby.  The name of those players will be handed to the home plate umpire.  Visiting team will hit first.
The First Round is a 3 minute round with two 30-second timeouts.  After each timeout the head coach/manager can swap the player with one of the two remaining players on the list provided to the umpires prior to the round or keep that player in.  The team with the most homeruns will win the game. 
If the teams are still tied they will go to a second round.  The second round is a 2 minute round with one 30-second timeout.  Prior to the second round the  field manager will provide two names from the active roster to the umpire.  Those names can be the same as the first round or different as long as the names are from a player from the active roster in uniform.  Teams can change the player during the timeout with the other player whose name was provided to the umpire prior to the second round.
If the teams are still tied after the second round they will go to a third and final one minute round.  Field manager must provide one name to the umpire prior to the third round.  It can be any member of the active roster in uniform.  There will be no timeout in the third round.
If the game is tied after the third round then the game will be considered a tied and each team will receive one point.
-If a player or manager or coach had been thrown out of the game at any point they aren't eligible to participate during the HR Derby/Shootout.
-Umpires remain on the field.  One to handle the clock and the total HR's and the other to judge fair or foul and legal HR.
-Any uniformed member (Player or Coach) of a team can throw in the derby as long as that member hasn't been thrown out of the game prior.
-If at any point during a round a player or coach/thrower gets injured or hurt the umpire can pause the clock.  If said player can't return to hit then his coach can replace him with any member of his active roster.  The new player will pick up where the injured player left off.  If a coach was hurt the umpire shall give some time to the new thrower to get ready but no practice swings for the hitter.
-At no point will there be practice swings.
-The clock must start at when the first pitch is thrown.