The Futures League

FCBL 2015

The Futures Collegiate Baseball League is proud to announce the 2015 All-Futures League team for the 2015 regular season. All together the two teams combine for a total of 40 players with at least one player represented from every team in the league.  The Bristol Blues lead the way with seven members of their team to make the All Futures League Team including three of their members to make the first team.  The teams that followed were Martha’s Vineyard (6), Wachusett (6), Worcestor (5), North Shore (5), Brocton (4), Nashua (3), Seacoast (2).  Torrington and Pittsfield each had one player make the teams.


Below is the list of the players on each team along with their college and the team they spent there summer with.



All-Futures League Team


1st Team All-Futures League

C: Jon Mayer                        Martha’s Vineyard Sharks                    Bucknell

1B: Zach Tower                    Worcester Bravehearts                         UMass-Lowell

2B: Richie Fecteau              North Shore Navigators                        Salem State

3B: Austin Filere                  Brockton Rox                                          MIT

SS: Brandon Fischer            North Shore Navigators                       St. Thomas Aquinas

OF: Brian Campbell             Martha’s Vineyard Sharks                   Stonehill

OF: Ian Strom                       Worcester Bravehearts                        UMass-Lowell

OF: Ryan Gendron               Seacoast Mavericks                             SNHU

OF: Tom Marcinczyk            Brockton Rox                                         Rutgers

DH: Eric Ostberg                  Nashua Silver Knights                          Hartford

UTIL: Donovan Casey          Martha’s Vineyard Sharks                   Boston College

SP: Zach Kirby                       Brockton Rox                                         Framingham State

SP: George Lund                  Bristol Blues                                           Roger Williams

SP: Troy Terzi                        Bristol Blues                                           Valdosta

SP: Dylan Collett                 Worcester Bravehearts                        Saint Leo

SP: Steve Xirinachs             North Shore Navigators                       UMass-Lowell

SP: Mike Bruemmel           Worcestor Bravehearts                        Wheaton

RP: Speros Varinos             North Shore Navigators                       Tufts

RP: Logan Fullmer              Worcester Bravehearts                         Maine

RP: Rob Paccione               Bristol Blues                                             LIU Post


2nd Team All-Futures League

C: Domenic De Renzo       Martha’s Vineyard Sharks                     Oklahoma

1B: Chad Martin                North Shore Navigators                         Bowdoin

2B: Chris Chirardio            Wachusett Dirt Dawgs                           Seton Hall

3B: Justin Silvestro            Wachusett Dirt Dawgs                           Wheaton

SS: Jon Kristofferson         Wachusett Dirt Dawgs                           Saint Peters

OF: Tyler Schwanz             Nashua Silver Knights                            Maine

OF: Ryan Kelly                   Martha’s Vineyard Sharks                      Salve Regina

OF: Max DiTondo              Wachusett Dirt Dawgs                            Franklin Pierce

OF: Davis Strong                Bristol Blues                                             Saint Marys

DH: Ryan Sullivan              Nashua Silver Knights                             SNHU

UTIL: Gerard Rohan          Bristol Blues                                              Youngstown St

SP: Andrew David              Brockton Rox                                            Tufts

SP: Frank Valentino           Torrington Titans                                     Suffolk County CC

SP: Kyle Dube                     Bristol Blues                                              Fairfield

SP: Steve Colella                Wachusett Dirt Dawgs                            UMass- Dartmouth

SP: Jamin McCann             Pittsfield Suns                                           East Tennessee State

SP: Austin French              Seacoast Mavericks                                  Brown

RP: Mike Parmentier        Martha’s Vineyard Sharks                        Norfolk State

RP: Matthew Cronin         Wachusett Dirt Dawgs                             UMass-Dartmouth

RP: Ty Robinson                 Bristol Blues                                               Northeastern